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Radio 105.7 Atlanta is committed to being a strong community partner.


Through iHeartMedia Communities™, the community engagement brand of iHeartMedia, Radio 105.7 Atlanta spotlights thousands of local and national non-profit organizations that are working to address critical issues and causes.


The mission of Radio 105.7 Atlanta Communities™ is to galvanize radio to educate and inspire local residents to make a difference within their own communities. 


Radio 105.7 Atlanta supports many large and small groups by: providing media inventory in the form of radio and digitalPSAs; championing the missions of various non-profit groups; supporting local events like walk-a-thons, fundraising events, and supply drives; taking action in communities facing disasters; advocating for various national and local issues; engaging local officials and decision makers through Local Advisory Boards; and taking on countless initiatives throughout the year that affect cities across the country. 


Radio 105.7 Atlanta Communities™ also aims to roll up the company’s local efforts into national campaigns on occasions where scale can help create additional impact. 


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We believe that raising our voices locally will make for a better tomorrow.




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